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“Politicians would not be able to neglect cancer

the way they neglect mental health

because the public would rise up.

The missing ingredient in mental health

is the people's voice”

- Patrick McGorry


About ‘Solstice’

When 15 year-old Mary Baker died by suicide her parents embarked on a journey to shine a light on the darkest night of their lives.

‘Solstice’ is a hopeful, determined and positive story of change that can come out of a most heartbreaking tragedy. Beginning with the story of Mary’s parents, Annette and Stuart Baker, the film expands out to journey across Australia documenting the stories of those who are daily on the frontline in the battle for better mental health care - the survivors of suicide.

This film bravely steps into the gaping hole left when a person dies by suicide to begin conversations, unite communities and ignite positive change.

'SOLSTICE' 2 minute teaser video


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‘Solstice’ has been approved for fiscal sponsorship through Documentary Australia Foundation (DAF) Board. Making it even easier to donate and support the project.

SPEAK YOUR MIND CAMPAIGN People from 15 countries around the world have come together pledging to secure meaningful and urgent action from their governments, demanding they invest in mental health. Take #40seconds to #SpeakYourMind at

Preview screening of ‘Solstice’ as a work in progress on 23 November 2019

Why this film is needed

Approximately 3000 Australians die by suicide each year.

Our mental health system is in crisis and the cost to individuals, families and communities is devastating. We need hear the voices of those most affected by suicide to understand the changes that will be most effective.

Once completed ‘Solstice’ will become a resource to help ignite positive change to mental ill health at every level.

How you can help us


‘Solstice’ is an independent film which to date has been funded by individuals and small community based grants.

We are asking for sponsorship and donations to help us complete the film. All donations are tax deductible and can be made either through Documentary Australia Foundation or registered charity, Australians for Mental Health

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begin conversations

UNITE communities

IGNITE change