There are more than 8 deaths by suicide each day in Australia and for every death by suicide it is estimated that as many as 30 people attempt to end their lives. Every person making up these statistics has first travelled a mental health journey where, for whatever reasons, they were unable to access the support they needed to find a way out of their struggle.

Death by suicide leaves countless families, friends and communities to deal with the aftermath, yet resources and support are sadly lacking and conversations around suicide are still surrounded by stigma and isolation. Too often families and friends are left to struggle through their own grief, survival and healing alone.

For some families they also find themselves on the frontline of the battle for better mental health care which their own sons, daughters, mothers and fathers were unable to access.

‘Solstice’ aims to bring those voices to communities around Australia to help create the changes we need in mental health care at every level.

These are complex, deeply human problems that, if not dealt with seriously, disable and are life threatening.

Communities may need to express themselves more loudly and more directly to reach a tipping point
— professor ian hickie