‘Solstice’ is an independent film which to date has been funded by individuals and small community based grants. We are asking for sponsorship and donations to help us complete the film. ALL DONATIONS ARE FULLY TAX DEDUCTIBLE

Donation options

There are now two ways to donate to the project.

Either directly through the donate button below:

Or via registered charity by registered charity, Australians for Mental Health :

Please mark donations being sent to Australians for Mental Health with the title ‘SOLSTICE’

Account name: Australians for Mental Health

Bank: Westpac

BSB: 032736

Account Number: 371775

How funds will be used

Our central aim for this film is for it to be widely accessed across Australia forming a strong focus point for conversation, healing and change. To this end we will explore all avenues to ‘get it out there’ including film festivals, broadcasters, community screenings, video download and VOD platforms.

All funds we receive will go into the production, promotion and screening of the film.


We aim to raise $25,000 to meet ongoing filming expenses including; travel costs, contracting a cinematographer for several days filming, hire of an edit consultant, editing, online promotion.

if we raise $120,000 - full length film

After the preview screening is completed we will continue seeking funding to complete a full length film. Funds raised during this second stage will cover; final filming, contracting cinematographer for additional time, travel expenses, script and edit consultants, colour grader and promotion.

if we raise $250,000 - additional production values & distribution

If we raise $250,000 we will be able to bring on board talented industry professionals to maximise the value and reach of the film. This will include a producer, grading, composition, sound editing and sound mixing, animation, marketing and distribution, developing online resources.